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Mike Andrews- Lead Guitar, Vocals. Mike comes to us with over 25 years professional experience in the music industry. He is a graduate of Western Connecticut State University with a bachelors degree in music. He currently teaches at both his own "Mike Andrews Guitar Studios" as well as the Wooster School in Danburyl. He has studied with Sal Salvador and Mark Hitt. Mike's abilities are exceptional. A true guitarists' guitar player.

Scott Merkel- Drums & Percussion. Scott brings 25 years of experience with him to the table. Not only a talented drummer, he also contributes lyrically to many of the bands originals. He also teaches his craft with several private students of his own. His ability to combine hard modern rock drumming and the freedom to experiment with in and out beats makes him entertaining to listen to or watch.

Eric Strom- Rhythm Guitar,Vocals. Eric brings thirty years of professional experience to the band. Starting as a guitarist he quickly discovered a love for both the on-stage and behind-stage activities associated with a show. He stopped playing and began a career supporting bands throughout the area. He eventually wound-up with his own sound reinforcement company known as "Have Sound Will Travel". Now, guitar in hand, he has returned to the performing side of the stage.

Brian Strom- Bass Guitar, Vocals. Brian started playing in bands at the early age of fourteen. (Doing mostly outdoor and private shows) Throughout the years he has developed into an outstanding musician as well as an on-stage personality. He fronts this band with his unique raspy voice. Perfect for todays hard grinding material.

As seen in More Sugar, Oct 96


Is there anyone left out there who still likes heavy metal ? Where did they put all those C D's now that Q104.3 has switched to classic rock ? I have a solution. Switch to SCUDMUNCH for those slammin' songs from that dearly departed radio station. Refreshing, head thrashing tunes unlike every other band that overplay cover songs. The ones you hear on the restricted format programs all the radio stations seemed to have switched to. Listen to the songs you really want to hear when you go out, as performed by SCUDMUNCH.

I went to P.J.'s on Friday, August 30th (Labor Day weekend) with some friends, and was stoked when I heard the selection and style of SCUDMUNCH. Everything about it was totally zen. Sex Type Thing by STP, DOA by Van Halen, and OUTSHINE by Soundgarden ! They also played songs from bands such as : Alice in Chains, Metallica, White Zombie, Tool, The Toadies, Ted Nugent, Silverchair,Alice Cooper, Bush, Deep Purple, and Helmet. Even their originals, "Ode to Jeagermeister," (for you dedicated drinkers), and "I've Come to Know" were pretty cool.

We had fun. "YEAH !" to the song they'd play next. With their powerful tunes and energetic stage presence, this band is HOT ! So how come all of you weren't there to see SCUDMUNCH ? You haven't heard of them or something ? You will, and that is why I decided to inform the deprived.

SCUDMUNCH is four guys who have known each other for about fifteen years. They have worked together and separately in many projects in that time.

They are : Mile Andrews, Lead guitar and Vocals. This guy can play. Ripping Eddie Van Halen solo's like nobody's business. He has 10 years professional experience and is currently in his third year of teaching at East Coast Music Mall. He also teaches at Bethel Music Center and has private students as well. He has studied with Sal Salvador and Mark Hitt.

Scott Merkel :Drums and Percussion. He began playing at the age of 18, kind of late for most enthusiasts, but after 12 years and four different bands involved in modern rock drumming, Scott's definately a contributing asset to SCUDMUNCH.

Brian Strom : Bass Guitar and Lead Vocals, has been in various bands since the age of 14. Doing outdoor, private, and club shows. With the influence of players like Chris Squire and Geddy Lee, Brian's playing style is unique and solid. His powerful and raspy voice are perfect for belting out the songs SCUDMUNCH plays.

Eric Strom: Rhythum Guitar and Vocals, has had 17 years of professional experience. He started on guitar, and also got involved with on and behind stage activities associated with the industry. He has spent the last nine years as an engineer, mixing for some of the areas best bands. Eric has a sound reinforcement company called "Have Sound Will Travel" although recently all his efforts have been devoted to SCUDMUNCH.

These guys have known each other long enough to consider themselves almost like brothers, possessing that special rapport where constructive criticism leads to successfull progress, not ego battles. They feel that before technique comes attitude. Right On ! So, you haven't seen them around ? SCUDMUNCH has been performing mainly in Connecticut where they originate from. They got together in December of 1995 and by February of 1996, played their first show. They are a new band on the scene and are quickly building up a reputation. They don't want to compromise their choice of material for "Billboard" songs. The music that is "very in" at the moment. "Unfortunately, there aren't as many clubs as there used to be," saya Eric, "the Gemini II in Yorktown, and the Fore'n'Aft in Brewster, to name a few. These were clubs set-up for bands, ie: power, stages, not just a band shoved over in the corner !"

Personally, I think besides playing in upper Westchester, SCUDMUNCH would definately rock CPN's and Lannigans in White Plains. I would also encourage them to play the Rock'n'Roll Cafe on Bleaker street, west side Manhattan. Go see SCDUMUNCH and tell me that you agree. All they need is a chance to be heard by the people who want to hear what they play. That's you, right ?

The only way you're gonna know is if you go check them out at P.J.'s on October 25th, and for spirits sake, dress up ! The rest of their schdule can be found in the "Where the Bands Are" section of this paper. Go and have a piecing good time, and tell the band that Maggi sent you.

As seen in More Sugar, June '97
Budweiser's Band for June '97, Scudmunch

Celebrating better than one year in the greater Westchester/Fairfiled circuit is this "Budweiser Band of the Month", SCUDMUNCH. A band well known for it's ability to rock hard all night. Their choice, combination, and performance of modern, original and classic rock is dead on. In clubs where space and power are available, their light show is used and is UNBELIEVEABLE! Sixteen cans and SIX intellibeams!!! The music is powerful and the musicians animated and tight. Combined, an outstanding performance and a show that shouldn't be missed. From the moment you walk into a club where Scudmunch is playing, you can tell something is different. Their stage is packed with equipment, guitars strategically placed, black curtains and a banner, scaffolding and lights, you know this place is gonna rock. They use this mass of electronics to their advantage as powerful rhythms blend with synchronized lighting effects to produce a show that is not soon forgotten. "We put a tremendous amount of thought into all aspects of our show" says Eric. "We know there are plenty of other bands out there doing the same thing we are and we want ours to be an experience that lasts past the next mornings hangover. We try to get the clubs to work with us and give disounts on drinks or promotions for special events. This month we've got two dollar shots, Bud bottle specials and even a Bikini Contest. Without that type of concern and effort we would become like every other band." Years of experience shows with every aspect of Scudmunch; Mike Andrews, Lead Guitar, is a professional instructor with a BA in music. He has performed live for over twelve years. Scott Merkel, Drums and Percussion, has over twelve years experience also. His solid and innovative drumming compliments the show immensley. Brian Strom, Bass and Lead Vocals, and brother Eric, Rhythm Guitar and Vocals, both have over 15 years experience in the industry, playing in many bands together and separately. The four combined are magic and it is evident while watching their show, you can tell these guys are having a good time! Their schedule can be seen in the "Where the Bands Are" section of this paper. The band also has its own web site : It has photos of the band, the months calendar, directions to the clubs they play and a page to use to e-mail your messages to the band. Be sure to take a look and see this "Budweiser Band of the Month"!!

As seen in More Sugar, Oct 97
Scudmunch takes a well deserved vacation. By Jeanne Radcliff

If you haven't been out in the clubs lately, then you' ve missed one of the areas best rock bands, Scudmunch. Over the past two years, they have earned a reputation for hard rock done second to none. This talented group are well known for their cover tunes done with a refreshing new flair, as well as , originals written with a high level of professionalism.
Now after all their had work, the band has decided to take some time off to work on writing their originals. Eric: "It's not that we don't love performing, we do, but it just became destructive keeping that type of schedule with the band. Working regular day gigs, and trying to increase our arsenal of original material".The band has decided to slow themselves down, considerably. They'll be performing two shows in September, one show per month in October and November, and then will be taking December and January completely off. "We want to use this time to first relax. Man, a weekend off, what a cool thought. But seriously we will be working on more of our own material. It will be so much easier knowing that we don't have to break our gear down to get ready for a show. We'll be able to relax, and just let our music flow. Once we get through November, we hope to head straight into the studio and record as much as possible, so we can return to the clubs with a CD to bring to the market".
You have a few more chances to see Scudmunch before their leave of absence. Then they'll be devoting December & January to writing and recording. So be sure to get out there and catch one of their final shows before they disappear into the realms of the studio or you'll regret it.

Budweiser's Band for November '98, Scudmunch
By: Brian Kelly

After almost three years of steady jamming and cranking it out on the club circuit, Scudmunch is a band that's ready to turn the amps up to eleven and take it to the next level. Currently the hottest metal unit in the tri-state area, and the only band to ever repeat as More Sugar's Budweiser Band of the Month winners, these guys are definitely not the band you want to see if you're looking for a relaxing evening. But, if you're looking for a hard rocking show that will get your blood pumping and your juices flowing with a ferocious blend of loud, fast and pure American Metal, then come check out Scudmunch.

For any of you that don't know Scudmunch; they broke onto the scene nearly three years ago with a set list filled with all the heavy music of the time. They combined an awesome stage show with a powerful lighting system that gave the appearance of seeing a concert as apposed to being in a club. Playing in all the local bars from Westchester to Waterbury, and also making appearances at places like Toads in New Haven and Tuxedo Junction in Danbury. They slowly began to introduce their own original music to the show and eventually took themselves off the circuit in order to finish writing the material for their first CD. Now, fresh out of the studio with a disc full of thunderous original tunes - and a blazing remake of the Alice Cooper metal anthem Eighteen -- Scudmunch will be coming to a club near you to celebrate the release of their debut album Judgment Day.

"Spending all that time in the studio, working together and inventing riffs, really helped us tighten up our sound," said Mike Andrews, lead guitar. "You can hear it in our originals, and you can hear it in the cover tunes as well." So, just what is the Scudmunch sound' "Well, we basically took the heavy rhythms of '70s metal and mixed it with the energy of '90s metal," said Eric Strom, rhythm guitar. "I've heard it called Molly Hatchet meets Helmet." In addition to the band's originals, Scudmunch kicks its way through crowd-pleasing rockers from bands like Alice in Chains, Deep Purple, Helmet, STP, Metallica, Pantera, Soundgarden, Van Halen, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tool, and White Zombie. Strom's brother Brian fronts the band as lead singer and bassist. "I'll offer this guarantee for anyone coming to a Scudmunch show - no ballads! and we'll leave the unplugged stuff for Deadheads and aging Jurassic rockers," said Brian, laughing. "Hey, if it's too loud, you're too old!" Drummer Scott Merkel drives the Scudmunch sound with his signature style, combining precision and power. "There's nothing quite like kicking off one of our new originals, with Eric and Mike riffing and Brian laying down that bass line. When our light show kicks in and the crowd starts pumping their hands in the air, I feel like I could pound those drums forever."

For a list of upcoming Scudmunch dates you can always find them listed right here in More Sugar's "Where the Bands Are" section. But for an up-close and personal look at Scudmunch, check out the Scudmunch web site at: There you can find all their scheduling information, audio clips of the band's original songs, pictures from past shows, and all the "wanted to know but were afraid to ask" info you'll ever need. Be sure to sign-up for their monthly e-mail newsletter too, with it you can stay current on what they've been up to as well as all that the band has planned. So check out the site, read through this entire paper, and then go see this "Bud Band of the Month". it appeared in More Sugar, November, 1998

Since the early to mid 70's, I've listened to literally thousands of hardrock & heavy metal CDs. The intensity level on this 8 song disc is at least equal to what I've heard over those years. Scudmunch holds no punches with their lyrics, screaming about relationships and their associated problems. Musically, the band is as tight as a vise with lead vocals and bass masterfully handled by Brian Strom, along with Eric Strom resurrecting the nearly lost art of skillful rhythm guitar playing. Mike Andrews blasts out the lead lines and shines on every track. Scott Merkel pounds the beat out of this world. There is a speaker-shaking version of the Alice Cooper classic "Eighteen," but it needs to be emphasized that it's the originals here that grab you and hold your attention. The quality of the song writing is top-notch. Judging from the picture on the back of the inner sleeve, Scudmunch must put an incredible show and you gotta believe that Judgment Day is fast approaching. Finally, it must be noted that the sound on this disc is incredibly loud and clear, definitely due to the talents of Eric and my old pal Dave Powers. There is no phone number but there is a web address to contact Scudmunch: and I'm sure you can find them mentioned here in More Sugar. Scudmunch is dangerous, and as KC once said, "That's the way I like it."

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